Freelance Developer

Hello! I'm Satwik!A few fancy words that describe me:Creative technologist, Open source enthusiast, and Freelancer!I've been freelancing since 2016 (full-time since 2019). I find it exciting to be involved in the development of early-stage ideas. I have worked on 1000s of projects with 100+ companies and individuals all across the globe. I specialize in preparing quick-yet-scalable tech MVPs. My typical role is of lead developer, and I can put up a team if needed.I like the idea of "Make something people you want" (sorry YC). Most of such projects die, but some do stick, and that is what I strive for!I dabble with a lot of technologies, but I do have some favourites. I love numbers, so implementing automated trading strategies comes naturally to me. I have been involved in multiple crypto projects and Dapps, so blockchain development is my thing. AI was my dream career for a long time, and I know the fundamentals of it (I can program a neural network from scratch and perform Reinforcement Learning).I usually don't engage in Frontend, Native App Development, and Design-related work. (I can do it if needed, but it's not something I'd be able to do every day).---If you're interested in collaborating with or hiring me, I'm available at [email protected].